Family Insurance

Yes, yes !  we did buy another house in town for investment , it is currently rented out to a couple who moved from Vancouver to here.  And just the other day, Chloe had asked if we had insurance for all our properties, in which I had replied that we certainly do.  Our current insurance … [Read more…]

Welcoming Spring

For years, I’ve wanted to get a bicycle to go riding and to exercise.  I’ve always loved biking when I was home some 14 yrs ago, we would go to East Coast parkway and rent a bike and ride on the beach front.  For those from home, you will know what I mean, the bike … [Read more…]

Dance Lessons

My bestie is getting married in LA in the summer and PB and I are invited for the wedding.  Guess who they are going for dancing lessons?  The  dance doctor of los angeles  of course!!  so I told PB that we have to take up some ballroom dancing before leaving for LA in the summer.  … [Read more…]

Private Swimming Class

So we’ve finally convinced Chloe to go back to swimming classes at the YMCA and this time, she is going for private lessons?  why?  not because we are rich or because she is privileged but because in her previous group class, she didn’t really get to learn a lot.  It was like the school lessons … [Read more…]

Yoga At Work

A few of the girls around the block decided that we have to go for yoga before work, so here I am going out to find yoga pants for this office yoga session. For $5 a session, I think it’s a great idea – because yoga relaxes me a lot and I wished more people … [Read more…]

Balanced Diet

We do try to teach her to eat a balanced diet – even when she is at school – we stick a few strawberries on stick to make it interesting enough for her to wanna eat fruits.  And sometimes she does it herself like today.  I don’t say that she doesn’t eat junk but we … [Read more…]