Drummer Girl

For those of you who knows that we do carry some musical instruments at our store now, you will also noticed that Chloe loves the drum set so much that she wants to learn how to play the drum besides playing the piano.  After much persuasion, we’ve decided that she can take up playing the drum as well.  But first we have to buy drum cases for electronic drums at musician’s friend  , so that she can carry her kid’s drum set to and fro to her teacher’s house.  You see, she prefers to practice using her own drum set, which is perfectly understandable for her age, so the drum cases would come in handy not only for Chloe but for those who have kids and taking lessons or those musicians who wants to transport their drums to wherever they are playing their drums.  It’s a win-win situation for us, now we will have drum cases to offer our own customers as well.