Lemonade To Fund Raise


My father – in – law , Chloe’s grampie is the best man I’ve come to know after PB.  He made Chloe a lemonade stand as soon as I asked him to and also made a flower bed for my cottage , all because I asked him to.  I can never asked for a better father-in-law , not because he does things I asked him for but because he really loves me for who I am – even though he calls me the Chinese Jew. hehehe!  I enjoy it all because I know he calls me that because I’m family.


Anyhow, Grampie build the lemonade stand for Chloe, so that she can sell some lemonade and do some fund-raising during the summer.  My father -in-law drove the lemonade stand all the way from his place to town even though he doesn’t like coming to town that often.  The fund-raising part we didn’t really figure what to fund raise for before summer but PB and I wanted to teach Chloe to grow up and empathy  as well as with morals.


Of course, the girls also want to have fun.  We rope in Jessica from the Chinese restaurant to come help because she is such an awesome kid.  And guess who visited the lemonade stand on a cloudy day of the Vintage car parade.  Yes ! the Seafest Princesses and what a treat it was for the girls !  they were so happy.


Anyhow, the girls fund raised $101 , for the family who lost their home in a fire in Richmond Road.


The girls then handed the money to the mother of the family – Simone.  She came to collect the money a couple of days later and was very appreciate and hugged Chloe for her kind deed.

So yes, this summer, we taught Chloe something new and a lesson for her to continue on a yearly basis now , to raise fund for a charitable purpose.  It doesn’t need to be a huge amount of money, but it would definitely means that she would have to work at it and know her purpose in life is not just about herself but to help the less fortunate along the way.