More Packages For Chloe

Yes, a package from Gap came for Chloe from her Godma in Toronto.  Yes, more clothing for Chloe for the summer I believe.  We didn’t open it immediately but I had forgotten to take pictures of all the clothes that came for Chloe because we were busy testing out to see if it would fit … [Read more…]

New Hair Color

So I finally found time to go get my hair colored.  When you are 49, all that silvery white hair starts popping out everywhere, so after several attempts to get it done at the hair salon, I found time to really do it. Loved my new hair color, a little bit reddish right now but … [Read more…]

Welcoming Spring

For years, I’ve wanted to get a bicycle to go riding and to exercise.  I’ve always loved biking when I was home some 14 yrs ago, we would go to East Coast parkway and rent a bike and ride on the beach front.  For those from home, you will know what I mean, the bike … [Read more…]

Easter Gifts

As I’m sure you all know by now, that I’ve so  many great friends from around the world and some in this town.  So during Easter, we try to get some things for the kids.  This year, I was able to return the kindness of a girlfriend from Malaysia – she had been so good … [Read more…]