My Lil’ Artist Girl

I’m happy that we are parents who encourages our child to get as much exposure to many different things and try various hobbies.  Even though both PB and I are very busy, we still try very hard to send chloe for various activities.  Alternatively, chloe has her aunt to fetch her to and fro from … [Read more…]

My Favorite Kinda Shoes

My shoes came! woohoo!!!  i loved this shoes so much and had wanted to get a pair for the longest time but because of the custom charges, I am adamant not to pay a lot for custom.  So I waited for it to go on sale and it really did and for the ones that … [Read more…]


For the longest time, I never had time to plant or beautify my lawn or garden.  Plus everytime, I’m ready to do it, the bugs and mosquitoes are in full force.  Last year, a friend made a huge flower planter for us – of course we paid him for the trouble, so this year, I’m … [Read more…]