Ocean 13

After a quite disappointing Ocean 12 .. i was quite reluctant to watch Ocean 13 but with Al Pacino in it.. how can one resist right..?? The usual cast was in the show and another heist planned because casino owner – Al Pacino double crosses one of the original Ocean 11. Revenge is a funny … [Read more…]

Magic Slots

Our basement has been turned into an entertainment room for the hubby, and besides the pool table.. and the bar, there is a huge tv to entertain the “boys”. And because the “boys” are at our basement so much.. i decided to get a slot machine, so they not only have fun using our basement … [Read more…]


Watched this with Chloe the other day.. and is all about a rat named Remy who arrives in Paris to find his cooking idol dead. But it never stopped his adventure in search for fine food. We did laugh alot.. but Chloe loved it most. Wished we had seen this in a theatre instead.