Freaky Weather in May

Yup..! you guess right..!! if you have just seen my banner being changed again.. it has been raining since last nite.. and i can hear some thunder as well..! *Sigh*!! just when you think the weather is changing warmer soon.. then “bam” .. the rain comes.. and the dreary sky.. and the works.. of course. … [Read more…]

More Chinese

As promised.. this was the second thing i ordered from our dear Mr Choo .. from the new Chinese Restaurant..! It’s a combo #1 .. and it was pretty good.. 😉 the rice and the chicken balls.. were good.. because the rice wasn’t greasy.. and the chicken balls.. had real chicken in it.. not like … [Read more…]

Daily Diet

This is my daily diet ever since coming to Canada. If you have ever been to Canada.. you would know that everyone in Canada.. love their Tim’s..!! I’ve come to love my Tim’s coffee too.. but just one cup a day.. a medium coffee one cream. I am so regular.. the girls i donch even … [Read more…]

What Modesty..??

As you all know lah..! i’ve been ordering chinese.. quite a few times now.. since.. the new chinese restaurant opened. And each time.. if i wanted something special.. i make it a point… to call the boss myself… Mr Choo. But i got very tulan-ed.. the second time i ordered food from Mr Choo… because … [Read more…]


I donch know if you’ve noticed.. but i haven’t password protected my entries in the last few weeks. I’m sure you all know why i did that before right..?? For the benefit of those that donch know, well, the main reason is because i lived in a very small town in Nova Scotia, population like … [Read more…]

Beef Hor Fun

This was the beef horfun.. that i first had.. at the new chinese restaurant. It was not in the menu… but i wanted to see if the new owner .. would be too “sombong” to go the extra mile. But he wasn’t… and the beef hor fun was excellent, a wee bit saltish.. but Vien … [Read more…]

Canada is good ..

A customer was in .. to enquire about formatting his notebook/laptop. Oh .. by the way.. he was supposedly to go to our “friendly” neighbour’s computer store… but came to us instead.. because he thought we were them (we did tell him we are not ok.. we honest one ok.. not like what “one” ex-goblin … [Read more…]