Dream Kitchen

In my grandmother’s house, everyone who visits, gather around the kitchen. The reason is not only because my grandmother is the best cook but her kitchen is one of a kind that is not only usable but has the best design in town. Comfortably, elegant is what my grandmother’s kitchen is all about. And for … [Read more…]

Goji Berries

As chinese we all know the benefit Goji Berries. We grew up with Goji Berries in our soup on a daily basis, in our chinese dishes and some like me put in Goji Berries even in our famous and local dish call “Bak Kut Teh” .. when i do cook some at home. Goji Berries … [Read more…]

Winning With Poker

Poker in our family is not gambling, it is more like the battle of wits. Plus we do play online quite a fair bit too. But like in any game.. no one like to be the loser. So to help you with winning, one uses the PreFlop Advantage. What is it..?? it’s every poker player … [Read more…]

Charity During Christmas

Charity work has always been important in our family. We try to do our bit as much as we can. When my daughter was younger, we used to keep all the labels of Heinz to donate to the hospital because they get a 5 cents a piece for them from Heinz. So instead of saving … [Read more…]

A Career Change

As an Asian in Canada, we look for any opportunity to upgrade ourselves. The Canadians are very lucky folks because, very unlike Asia, you are hired for your skills and knowledge and they never get redundant. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you fit the job, you will be hired. No … [Read more…]

Bringing Back The Confidence

Once upon a time, when people talk about cosmetic surgery, they associate them with movie stars or someone famous or someone rich. Well, in this day and time, it is far from the truth because one need not be all of the above to want a tummy tuck or a breast uplift. As a woman … [Read more…]

Apartment Finder

Finding an apartment to move into is not so easy. It can be a very stressful task, plus where do one begin..? And with so many criteria to consider, for example the location, the number of rooms you want, how big an apartment you need, and of course the cost of the rental and who … [Read more…]

Cleaning The Store

I’m sharing my home vacuum with the store, not because we are stingy to get another one.. but because each time we get an upright and bagless one, they just don’t last at all. Plus for the amount of money we spent so far on vacuum cleaner.. and only have them work for a little … [Read more…]