Is It Spring Yet ?

Yes, is it Spring yet , I asked PB everyday.  You would think that I know better already to expect the weather to warm up so early in the year but one can always be hopeful right?  Afterall, we did have a very , very mild winter this year , in fact , I think … [Read more…]

Welcoming Spring

For years, I’ve wanted to get a bicycle to go riding and to exercise.  I’ve always loved biking when I was home some 14 yrs ago, we would go to East Coast parkway and rent a bike and ride on the beach front.  For those from home, you will know what I mean, the bike … [Read more…]

On Snow Days

Unlike last year, on snow days, we didn’t ship Chloe out to painting classes, instead we do craft work at the store and painting and reading together.  We also did some science experiments with copper wires, magnets and batteries albeit not too successful hahah!  but you get the hint right?  yes, this year we’ve decided … [Read more…]

First Snow This Winter 2012

And I thought that we were gonna have a mild winter !  yesterday the weather was like spring and today  – lots of snow and lots of wind – windchill of – 19C.  I do not like the cold at all – even after being here for so long – a good 11 years and … [Read more…]