Xbox 360 Finally for PB

Yes.. ! for once.. PB finally got something he wants.. for a long time. An xbox 360 is currently sitting in our TV room .. and no.. i donch believe in getting any system for $1K for whatever reason, unless of course we strike lottery and become a millionaire. But as of now.. we only … [Read more…]

Peanut Butter & Chloe

Yes.. she is silly and wants to eat peanut butter.. and of course we let her. Afterall, she doesn’t ask for much to eat, so we do let her indulge if she wants to.. once a week. But she is beginning to like peanut butter alot these days… and would even ask PB to smear … [Read more…]

Udon & Carrots

I am sure you all know I have very little repertoire when it comes to cooking. But for the sake of my brat, who doesn’t eat outside food, i have had no choice but to cook. And i really try to cook stuff that has got all the nutrients in it. I bought some baby … [Read more…]

Dream Kitchen

In my grandmother’s house, everyone who visits, gather around the kitchen. The reason is not only because my grandmother is the best cook but her kitchen is one of a kind that is not only usable but has the best design in town. Comfortably, elegant is what my grandmother’s kitchen is all about. And for … [Read more…]

Goji Berries

As chinese we all know the benefit Goji Berries. We grew up with Goji Berries in our soup on a daily basis, in our chinese dishes and some like me put in Goji Berries even in our famous and local dish call “Bak Kut Teh” .. when i do cook some at home. Goji Berries … [Read more…]

I’m Tall Now

At Jungle Jims you get to eat and pay according to your height on one day during the weekday.. but we weren’t measuring the brat’s height because of this.. we were doing it.. because we wanted to know how tall the brat is now. And we’re pleased to announced that she is about 100 cm … [Read more…]

Papa Snuggling With Brat

We were out for brunch on Sunday as per usual.. and the brat was drawing again.. with her crayons. 🙂 every restaurant in this town, has got coloring stuff .. and crayons.. for kids.. but they never have kiddie forks and spoons.. muahhahaa!! weird eh..?? anyway.. PB getting all snuggly with the brat, because she … [Read more…]

I Donch Care Food Days

This will be food for the “i donch know what to eat days” .. Toonie Tuesdays.. you get KFC for 2 bucks.. for 2 pieces of chicken.. with fries. And nope..we hardly eat this… because it’s so greassssyyyy..!! can die you know..!! Seriously, one donch know how anyone can survived eating KFC on a weekly … [Read more…]

Winning With Poker

Poker in our family is not gambling, it is more like the battle of wits. Plus we do play online quite a fair bit too. But like in any game.. no one like to be the loser. So to help you with winning, one uses the PreFlop Advantage. What is it..?? it’s every poker player … [Read more…]