A Lump Of Meat Called Siew Mai

Yah.. the title tells you enough about how i feel about my siew mai from Zen. There was no taste to it.. and the meat was not completely cooked. I had 1 and doggie bag the rest.. that ended up in the garbage.. when we got home. Pathetic.. ya.. pretty..! the next time we go … [Read more…]

Vacationing In Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the nicest place in Canada. Of course the main reason is because they have one of the best Chinatown in Canada and the largest Asian population in Canada. If you ever take a vacation in Vancouver, you might mistaken that you are actually in Asia. Lots of people choose to migrate … [Read more…]

Shrimp Dumpling In Zen

Next came shrimp dumpling not really “har kow” but kinda the same.. coz’ they ran outta “har kow”. I had one of them.. and of course the shrimp wasn’t fresh. So as much as I would have loved eating it all up .. i just couldn’t stomached it.. and had to have them do doggy … [Read more…]

Wedding Favors

Having been to many weddings.. and helping out in at least a dozen, we all know how much effort and stress it can be, just to plan everything out and making sure that everything is almost perfect .. on that special day. And you and I know .. that planning for a wedding cannot be … [Read more…]

Glutinous Rice In Lotus Leaf

Next came the glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Now this dish.. PB ate. .and so did the brat. But as we all know .. glutinous rice.. is hard to digest.. and may cause heartburn.. so i didn’t really care that the brat eat alot of it. There were 2 in it.. and we only … [Read more…]

Dim Sum For Late Lunch

We finally made it to Zen Restaurant in Lacewood Drive .. and it was the one that we had been to.. before having chloe. We ordered a few things.. but not alot to choose from the menu. The first dish that came out was Pork & Century eggs congee. Truth be told.. it was as … [Read more…]

7 Food Woman Must Eat

Yup..! that’s what they say now..! and what do I know.. right..?? since the experts say.. we must eat.. so i’m sharing with all of you. But seriously, i think they are really meant to educate the Western women.. so that they would stop eating french fries and burgers.. and think that they are the … [Read more…]

Quality Cables

If you all don’t know by now, I am quite technically challenged. If not for my spouse owning a computer/entertainment store, i wouldn’t have any clue about one cables from another. And yes.. they do make a difference.. high quality cables will give you better end results as I soon found later. HDMI cables are … [Read more…]