The Dental Visit

Chloe during her first dental visit with Dr Leblanc. They are really good doctors.. but i can also see that they are not equipped for children.. like the ones we have back home. At time like this.. i wished i was home in Singapore. Chloe behaved pretty good.. but she got frightened after a while … [Read more…]

A Wedding To Remember

Weddings are such joyous occasion and even though we say, it should never be stressful, who are we kidding..?? Never had i been to a wedding that the bride wasn’t stressed up.. and some even worst, didn’t want to get married because she wasn’t getting the right help or the spouse just wouldn’t lift a … [Read more…]

Boston On My Cake

This is Boston .. a cute lil’ 2 yr old.. who came for Chloe’s birthday party.. with his parents. And you would really be envious.. because he is such a tough lil’ boy..! and he eats just about everything.. and anything. He was on Chloe’s cake.. and all the snacks.. that we had put out. … [Read more…]

Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow

The brat picks up so quickly.. from movies and the way we speak.. and the way other’s speak to her. She as you will know in a min.. that she had been watching the Simpsons movie ALOT. Why..?? because she had been asking us for hot cocoa.. for the last few days.. and tonite.. just … [Read more…]

A Present From Aunt Helena

Aunt Helena may not be in town .. during Chloe’s birthday.. she is in Toronto .. visiting her kids .. for the holiday season, she never fails to get Chloe a present.. 🙂 just like Godma Lynn.. both mother and daughter.. are very thoughtful. Their gifts are never 2-in-1 .. coz’ Chloe gets 2 presents … [Read more…]

Oh My Lotus..!!

No lah..!! not the lotus car..! This is even more priceless than the lotus car. I almost cried.. thinking of what PB did to my lotus.. *sob, sob*.. and it’s the truth.. and nothing but the truth. I asked PB .. “hey .. papa.. where’s my lotus..??” and guess what he said…??? *Slapped my forehead” … [Read more…]

Despite The Weather

Chloe’s birthday was held on a day.. where we had really bad weather. Despite the bad weather.. some good folks came .. to make Chloe’s birthday come true. And we can’t thank them enough. Well.. as you can see.. Keegan is one of the ones who turned up. They even came early.. to avoid disappointing … [Read more…]

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are pretty popular where i come from. Folks on business and vacation, chooses boutique hotels to stay in .. because the personalized service you get from these boutique hotels as compared to the ones that has got 1000s of rooms. Most boutique hotels have a team of trained professionals just like any hotel … [Read more…]

Big Play Doh

Keegan’s parents, Phil and Brenda are so thoughtful. This was one of Chloe’s birthday gifts… and it’s a whole set of PlayDoh that the brat can make all sorts from. From spaghetti to starfishes and even a frog if she so chooses. It is very kind of Phil and Brenda .. and yes.. we are … [Read more…]