Going Paperless

You all know we own our own business right? sometimes I wished the spouse would go paperless and get the document management software for the entire store – after all, it is for the good in the long run. Instead of hunting down for files like the old fashioned way – and making sure they … [Read more…]

She’s Too Cute Sometimes!

Sometimes she can be so good and cute – but other times – she can be so stubborn and so whiny! The other day after showing her the magazine I had done for her with Today Parents – she went back to school to tell her teacher that she was on a magazine cover – … [Read more…]

The Teenage Years

I haven’t been sleeping good recently and keep thinking of Nick – PB’s nephew who took his own life recently. Just the other night I dreamt about Nick and I was trying to hold on to him – when I woke up I couldn’t go back to bed. I told PB about it – and … [Read more…]