Easter Gifts For Chloe’s Teachers

You all know how I feel about thanking Chloe’s teachers every year during any kind of special occasions right?  Yes, and this year ain’t any different because Chloe’s teachers does a lot for her.  Afterall , these teachers spends like 6 – 7 hrs a day with my child and they nurture her and bring her up to be a proper human being, so how can I as a parent not show any appreciation right?

But this year , Chloe was afraid that her friends may think that she is bribing her teachers, in which I explained to her that it is in our culture to show gratitude to our teachers.  And this is not the first year we ‘ve been doing this , we do it every year.  So she shouldn’t feel this way at all , but the kid was reluctant until I spoke to some teachers who visits our store right in front of her about gifting for the teachers and they all agreed with me that all teachers will appreciate it.

Plus , when i show my appreciation , it is not just for one or two teachers , it is for all the teachers that is teaching chloe that very year.  So no one should feel slighted.  I had even wanted to give to the administrative staff but Chloe said she didn’t know them too , too well in this new school , so I didn’t.

So my questions is , does anyone do as I do these days?  or am I the only one?