She Confuses Me

Yes! this is exactly the state I am in with Chloe’s teacher – she does confused me.  Why?  well, the other day, I had sent a message with the TA – to ask her to speak with Chloe about another student who might be accidentally hitting Chloe during line up if he was not careful.  … [Read more…]

She Came But Didn’t Visit

Chloe’s godma came all the way from Toronto for a week vacation but she didn’t come visit chloe at all.  Of course, Chloe was disappointed and we were working the entire week but was available in the evenings but nope no sign of her godma.  *sigh* what to do and what to say right?  I … [Read more…]

Sudden Fever

Chloe felt ill suddenly during dinner time – first she had a tummy ache and then followed by a fever and you know she is really sick when she didn’t asked for milk before going to bed.   She haven’t even completely recovered from her cold and cough from last week and she got sick again … [Read more…]

Quick Solution

My heel hurt for a few days now  – and being diabetic – I’m a bit worried about it but I decided to try what I tried last year by buying a more supportive foot liner.  But after a few days – these gel heels didn’t really worked for me, so I guess I have … [Read more…]