Look Who Went Shopping ?

My g/fs from home are very much into Hermes anything.  Usually, they shop together and order all their hermes goodies when one decided to go to Paris or London.  So the one who is going on a trip brings all these goodies back for everyone. A handbag alone cost close to $25K , enough money … [Read more…]

Vancouver Lush

I was in Vancouver for work and had the opportunity to visit the Lush workshop there.  Very happy to network with other bloggers and vloggers , learned a lot and of course, Lush was so generous and lots of gifts we were sent home with.   Too tired tonite to write about my experience but it … [Read more…]

More Gifts From Advertisers

Now that I’m vlogging with Youtube, I get more stuff to try out in collaboration with different advertisers than before.  I still blog but vlogging has been going so well, you cannot imagine how busy I get during the day.  The courier companies knows us well before but now, they think that someone out there … [Read more…]