Goodie Bags For Halloween

3 weeks before Halloween, we went out to get the Halloween goodies for Chloe’s class, we knew that we will be busy this year, so we didn’t procrastinate. And true enough .. after getting the goodies for the big event this year.. we were too busy at the store.. to really go out to hunt … [Read more…]

School Update

I’m pleased to let everyone know that Chloe is pretty much settle in her new school. Come Nov 4th – Chloe would have been in school for 2 months now. Besides the fever she had in the beginning of the school term, she is pretty much doing good with regards to her health *touch wood*. … [Read more…]

In Service – School

It’s in-service tomorrow.. but like any parents would know.. in service usually starts the day before – haha! for those who are not aware of what in service is .. don’t worry, i didn’t know till i came to Canada. It means the school teachers either have a meeting or needs to go for some … [Read more…]

One Month Into Dancing

Chloe is already into one full month of dancing – never missed a class.. and even had an invite for a dancing recital last Saturday. She loves her dancing but 3 weeks into it.. she said.. she didn’t wanna do tap dancing.. because it was too tiring. Can’t really blame her.. coz’ she already had … [Read more…]