A Chip Off The Old Block

Chinese Title: ????? English Title: A Chip Off the Old Block Genre: Pre-Modern Production Period: January 2009 – March 2009 Episodes: 21 Release Date: November 30, 2009 Theme Song: Don’t Say Didn’t Accommodate You (?????) by Ron Ng and Myolie Wu Cast Sunny Chan Ron Ng Myolie Wu Shirley Yeung Louis Yuen John Chiang Gigi … [Read more…]

Bladder Infection

We had been really busy for the whole week – not only with birthday parties.. but Chloe had gotten sick from a bladder infection .. and a cold. Luckily, it was all within a week and she is all better today.. but we had kept her away from others.. since we didn’t want anyone to … [Read more…]

Working Online & Get Rich!

Many of you already know that I do some work online.. and many had written to ask me if it was a lucrative job. They also wanna know.. all about the Get rich advertisement.. that google pays $176/hr… hahhaha!! and asked if it was true. I’m sure you too have seen ads about such and … [Read more…]

All About The Cold

People often wonder how we stand the cold here in Canada.. especially someone like myself, who comes from a place where it is sunny 365 days a year.. or rather .. we say .. we don’t have any season, it’s summer every day.. and every season. Well, we do get the rain.. and the storms.. … [Read more…]


Owning a business.. and having a kid.. doesn’t really make much room for indulging on yourself. I, for one.. cannot bear to buy imitation stuff.. nor inferior quality stuff – don’t get me wrong, not that .. i’m so “atas” .. it’s just me.. if it’s not quality stuff.. i rather.. not get it. But … [Read more…]