Immigration & Custom


 So I’ve recently met a couple who just came home from Alberta.  The guy is from town but the girl is from Asia and they recently got married and like any good Asian, I had to chat her up and make sure she knows that she isn’t alone in this foreign country.  Of course, for those who’ve never traveled out of the country and lived in another country, you won’t know how someone from so far away feels when they basically have no one but the spouse and his family and friends to count on.  Most times, Asian girls would have no trouble with her new family but there are girls from Asia who may encounter some sort of abuse and even loneliness , so it is nice to have a friendly face and someone to go to in case something does come up.

Most Asians would offer a hand and since I’ve been in the same situation , I find that it’s only kind to offer any kind of assistance or even share a bowl of soup from home with these new migrants.  Of course, not everyone would have their immigration status or papers all ready and proper.  My advise to anyone who are already on a work permit in Canada and is planning to stay in Canada, you should apply for permanent resident right away.  Don’t wait till your visas or work permit expires because immigration/custom here in Canada isn’t here to make things difficult for you.  If you are genuinely here to stay or have a real relationship, there is no reason why immigration would not allow you to stay.

As for custom/immigration , I’ve traveled so much and I’ve never encountered a mean immigration officer, I’ve been stopped by immigration before when I first came to Canada but once you’ve answered the few questions they have , they will let you go on your way.