$60K in RRSP

RRSP season is here again, what is RRSP ?  it’s the Registered REtirement Savings Plan in Canada and this year, if we don’t wanna pay our taxes, we have to put in $60K in our RRSP.  Yup! you heard me right, crazy right?  But if you look at it from a different angle, it’s savings … [Read more…]

Busiest Year

This has by far been the busiest year we’ve had in the last 15 yrs in business.  And with my new vlogging venture with an American advertising company, I have very little time for anything else.  But all is good and I ain’t complaining , after all, that means we can do more of what … [Read more…]

Family Insurance

Yes, yes !  we did buy another house in town for investment , it is currently rented out to a couple who moved from Vancouver to here.  And just the other day, Chloe had asked if we had insurance for all our properties, in which I had replied that we certainly do.  Our current insurance … [Read more…]