Comfort Of Home


Did you know that chinese soup are not only good for health but good for your skin as well.  It’s said that chinese soup can make your skin glow, therefore, I grew up drinking our chinese soup on a daily basis. After migrating to Canada, I haven’t been able to drink as much as I would love to because I can’t find watercress or lotus roots at all , plus chloe and PB refuses to drink them when I do happen to get some from the city.  So a whole pot of soup , takes a long time to finish.

But I’m so blessed because the Zhu’s from the chinese restaurant always gives me a few bowls when they boil some, so I don’t have to boil them or hunt for the ingredients.  So tell me I’m not lucky or what?  So I like to do stuff in return for the Zhu’s but they never want me to do anything back for them.  I’m totally blessed, comfort of home in Canada.